2017 Conferences

High School GIDAS Research Conference

Do you like science and computers?  Are you interested in discovering relationships between genes and diseases? Come to the High School Students’ Research Conference and find out what other students are investigating.

This conference is designed to provide young students to real scientists’ experience in a conference setting so to promote learning and interests in science. There will be many hands-on workshops, presentations of research done by high schoolers (including you!), as well as the opportunity to directly interact with various keynote speakers.

Current Year Conference

Currently, there is a conference scheduled for May 27, 2017, and the theme is genes and depression. Be on the lookout for more information coming later, such as the tenative agenda, guest speakers, and more!

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Past Year Conferences

Here you can find information about the conferences from past years.

2016 Conference

2015 Conference

2014 Conference