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0 1 September 2016

Hello! Here is the third edition of our miRcore newsletter! Here is the pun of the month!

“The virus fought the white blood cells, but it was in vein.”

  To those who would like to know more about our Genes and Health Contest, here is a comprehensive summary of our event!   “The Genes and Health contest is our annual contest that we hold for all high school students grades 9-12 for the purpose of awarding those who work hard and who immerse themselves in genetics.   miRcore strives for science, compassion, and cooperation. As part of our mission we encourage our members to learn more about biology and gain skills in computational biology research. Every week we learn how to use genetics analyzing tools such as GEO2R, Linux, and When we research, knowledge such as DNA methylation and protein folding aids us in writing abstracts. These skills then became the premise of our Genes and Health contest.   The test consists of three parts, the biology test, the computational biology online research test, and the teamwork section. The biology portion consists of college level biology such as protein synthesis, DNA/RNA synthesis, protein denaturation, and much more. The computational biology portion assesses the skills of an individual with regards to using databases such as UCSC Genome Browser, String-

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0 1 September 2016

Hello, and welcome to our second edition of the miRcore newsletter. To start off, here is our pun of the week!

“We can change corduroys, but we cannot easily change genes.”

  If you would like more information about our organization, here is one of our pamphlets:   Recently, Natsume Ono, a miRcore volunteer, was interviewed about her thoughts on miRcore. The volunteer reflects on her favorite memories and aspects of miRcore:  

How many years have you been at miRcore?

I joined my sophomore year, so 2 and a half.  

What’s your favorite part about miRcore?

My favorite part is going every week, and seeing people who are passionate about learning about the different things that we do, and also helping people by doing fundraisers and stuff, and performances that we do at senior centers sometimes.  

What’s one of the most important piece of knowledge you’ve gained from miRcore?

I don’t know, that’s really hard. I would say that sometimes you might not be interested in something. I wasn’t too interested in computational biology and stuff, but then realizing the bigger effect and how i

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0 2 April 2016

Hello, this is the first newsletter from the 2015-2016 miRcore Newsletter Committee. We hope this provides a fond memory to look back on as we transition into 2016.

Here is our pun of the month:

“We cannot easily change genes, but we can change corduroys.”

In the past, miRcore volunteers have researched diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Autism. This year, we will be focusing on lung cancer. As a 501(c)(3) research organization, miRcore values science, compassion, and collaboration, and is interested in broadening personalized medicine. We volunteer, research, and brainstorm ways to impact the scientific community in terms of our focused disease.

On October 17th, Dr. David G. Beer presented a lecture on cancer for miRcore. He covered different cancer causations, and explained cancer’s development before it becomes a severely aggressive disease. He revealed that lung cancer has the highest death toll out of any other type. The fact that cancer can be more abundant in certain places provided a unique perspective of the disease. In Japan, there is a high occurrence of gastric cancer, as a likely result of Japan’s large sodium intake. Esophageal cancer was found to

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0 26 March 2016

Annie Zhou

Gina Liu

Ira Tunkle

Lynn Kim

Minjun Kim

Morgan Gallimore

Pavitra Srinivasan

Reem Farjo

Rohan Erasala

Shreya Ohri

Sophia Dai

Sujay Kulkarni

TingTing Chang

Veena Thamilselvan

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0 19 February 2016
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