2020 Camps

Computational Biology Research Camps for High School Students


INTENDED AUDIENCE: Current high school and incoming 9th grade students interested in computer, math, biology, and medicine.


    1. To expose high school students to career opportunities in biomedicine through hands-on experience in computational genomics and prepare them for the emerging era of medical genomics, when all doctors must be well-acquainted with genetic discoveries, technologies, and applications.
    1. Give research opportunities to high school students beyond the school setting.
    1. Identify potential GIDAS (Genes In Diseases And Symptoms) club leaders at their schools (eligibility: completion of CB camps offered in CA, GA, and MI).
Our flagship CB camp introduces ninth through twelfth graders to genomic research using computers. Working in small collaborative groups, students will learn to identify disease biomarkers by analyzing patient RNA expression data using the GEO database. They then research signaling pathways related to the biomarkers they have found.

Atlanta Winter Camp

To engage more students in computational biology (this year’s focus being related to opioid addiction), we are offering our first winter camp in Atlanta. Campers will be encouraged to participate in the 7th Annual High School Research Conference on the University of Michigan campus in May 2020.




This camp is designed to serve as a starting point for ongoing research. Successful completion with a certificate qualifies students to participate in the miRcore volunteer program (MVP), which guides students in developing research and leadership skills, with an emphasis on community service. MVP runs throughout the school year, determining a disease of focus of the year, collaborating with similar level students to research the disease, and leading a school club GIDAS (Genes in Diseases and Symptoms). Out-of-state students can join the volunteer meetings through an online meeting platform.

Check back in early February for details on our various summer camps.

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