Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I was looking at the form and there are multiple events and two events in particular (Parent Meeting and Conference) that require in person attendance. I will not be able to make any in person meetings. Will that be a problem? Is there anything I could help with virtually?

A: No worries. There will be an online option for the parent meeting, and the conference can most likely accommodate online participation since we’ve had a remote option for students even before the pandemic.

Q: If we sign up for “in person” can we switch to “virtual” at any point later in this yearly program? Or vice versa?

A: Students can join either online or in-person depending on their availability. However, we prefer to make teams of students with similar schedules. Each week, I send out an email with the attendance projection form where students can indicate how they attended that week’s meeting.

Q: What’s the difference between in person and virtual meetings?

A: Whether in-person or virtual we all meet together and do the same activities. However, students usually prefer in-person meetings where they can interact with others better.

Q: I was wondering if MVPs will be required to start clubs at our school for GIDAS? If so, will materials and resources for the club be provided by miRcore?

A: There is no requirement to start a GIDAS club. However, if you want to, there will be
resources available such as materials, training, additional support, etc.

Q: I have a question regarding Saturday vs. Sunday MVP. Your email says Saturday class is for 2 hours and Sunday is for one hour. Is there any disadvantage of kids taking the Sunday online MVP?

A: It seems that students like Saturday meetings better since majority students join then.
For Sunday meetings, all students need to have premium membership to get the recordings of teaching that happen the day before. Sunday students will watch the recording on their own before the group meeting time, and their volunteer hours will be 1 hour rather than the full 2 hours for Saturday students


2022-23 MVP Registration

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