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Keynote speaker: Chad Brummett, MD; Director of Division of Pain Research, University of Michigan
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CA: Scripps Research Institute (SRTI); GA: Georgia Institute of Technology; MI: University of Michigan
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Francis Collins: COVID-19 mRNA vaccines were made using 25 years’ research

miRcore vaccine advocacy inspired by Dr. Francis Collins talk


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The 8th Annual High School Conference Keynote Speech on

COVID-19, Health Disparities, and Precision Medicine

by Francis Collins, M.D., Ph.D., Director, NIH

2020-21 Disease of Focus: COVID-19

Preventable deaths with vaccine

By the New York Times | Sources: State and local health agencies, Cneter for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Census Bureau


 Anyone should be able to initiate medical research that matters to them.


Getting to know MiRcore

miRcore is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research organization with a vision of global, multilateral collaboration toward treating individuals based on their unique genetic profiles and environmental circumstances. We are certain that getting beyond the single-gene approach is critical to replacing current trial and error processes with systematic, personalized medicine. While systems biologists are now undertaking sophisticated mapping of genetic networks while taking into account environmental effects such as infection, exercise, sleep, and stress, there remains the challenge of increasing the signal-to-noise ratio when dealing with massive amounts of biological data.

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Efficient Research

We support scientists’ research through our insight into microRNA (miRNA) function. The primary goal of these collaborative efforts is to produce research papers presenting readily testable hypotheses. Significant results will allow pursuit of grant applications and patents. Our efforts will be compensated following a fee-based schedule until mutual grants or subcontracts are in place. You can consult without hiring. We ask for co-authorship if our analyses significantly contribute to your research.

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One day camp students

Getting to know GIDAS

GIDAS (Pronounce Guide-Us; Genes In Diseases And Symptoms)

A network of school clubs fulfilling miRcore’s outreach component, which aims to connect the general public with scientists.

There are currently 26 organized high school GIDAS chapters.

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Joining MiRcore

miRcore is a 501(c)(3) research organization with a vision of democratizing medical research so that anyone can initiate medical research that matters to them. We value science, compassion, and efficiency. We will keep working to bring about personalized medicine as common practice.

miRcore volunteer program for high school students is a year-long resarch and leadership program. miRcore student membership has various separate benefits.

Microgrant program

Once a year, we provide microgrants to innovative research on the year’s disease of focus. The winners will be voted on by 1) members and 2) donors.

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