2024 In-Person Camp

2024 Computational Biology In-Person Camp

This camp is for students interested in math, science, medicine, and computation. The camp will focus on the role of genome and transcriptome in diseases and symptoms and guide students in performing computational biology research using patient RNA expression data to identify RNA biomarkers related to certain diseases. If you have not taken first-year high school biology, we expect you to study the basic transcription and translation process using materials that we provide before the camp.

miRcore volunteer program research is based on the CB camp materials, so we highly recommend taking this camp if you want to become a miRcore volunteer and lead or otherwise participate in a school club GIDAS (Genes in Diseases and Symptoms).

Thank you for your interest in our computational biology in-person camp.

We are currently full in all in-person camps; additional applications will go on the waitlist. You may consider online CB camps since all CB camps (either in-person or virtual) follow the same research process.

On day 1, each small group will determine a disease of focus for which they will work to identify either novel diagnostics or treatment options. Their research tools will be those currently used by scientists. This approach is different from conventional high school education as there are no right answers, only uncertain but logical exploration towards new findings.

 CB Camps Date Time Location

Session 1


 June 17 – June 21, 2024  9 am – 4 pm (Eastern Time)  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Session 2


 June 24 – June 28, 2024  9 am – 4 pm (Eastern Time)  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Session 3


 July 22 – July 26, 2024  9 am – 4 pm (Pacific Time)  Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA

Wet-lab experiemental day or field-trip day included.

For virtual CB camps, please visit HERE.

For more computationally-intensive research, we offer Biotechnology Sequencing Camp (Linux shell script) and R Programming Research Camp.

All campers learn to understand these types of graphs and use them for disease research

Example of camper-generated research results

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Academically motivated current (2023-24) high school and incoming 9th grade students interested in computers, math, science, and medicine.

TUITION: $850 (including  one-year miRcore student membership $300 value)

Taking additional camps yields a discount:

        Two camps: $1,430

        Three camps: $1,990


After reviewing your essay in the application form, we will inform you regarding acceptance within 7-10 business days. If accepted, you will be sent payment options. Limited partial scholarships are available for financially-challenged students such as those in a free or reduced lunch program. Proof of income is required.

A computer is required for the camp.


Students with camp certificates will be qualified to become miRcore volunteers. Students in the high school volunteer program, which runs throughout the school year, determine a disease of focus for the year, collaborate with similar level students in researching the disease, and found/lead a school club GIDAS (pronounced guide-us; Genes in Diseases and Symptoms). Out-of-state students can join the volunteer meetings through an online meeting platform.


Camp Overview

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Theme Genes in diseases Wet lab experiments or Field trip Statistics and biology Gene networks Social impact
Focus Personalized medicine and DNA DNA extraction Gene expression and T-test Protein functions and pathways Molecular functions and diseases
Goal Initial group presentations on a disease of choice Determining a dataset for group research Identifying RNA biomarkers in a disease Identifying biological functions to focus on

Final group presentations


Refund Policy

– The $100 administrative fee will not be refunded once the camp application is accepted.
– If a student withdraws, the camp fee paid minus the administrative fee will be refunded if we are notified by April 30, 2024.
– If a student withdraws between April 30, 2024 and three weeks before the camp starting date, we will refund 50 percent of the camp fee paid.
– Refunds will be given until three weeks before the camp starting date. 


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