Membership Policies and Benefits


This document outlines miRcore membership policies and benefits. miRcore reserves the right to update and/or amend the contents of this document at any time. Members may lose their benefits if they are found to misuse the membership.

About miRcore

miRcore is a 501(c)(3) research organization with a vision of democratizing medical research so that anyone can initiate medical research that matters to them. We value science, compassion, and efficiency. We will keep working to bring about personalized medicine as common practice.

Outreach program

Our educational outreach program includes summer camps for middle and high school students, school club GIDAS (Genes In Diseases And Symptoms), a high school volunteer group, one-day or half-day camps and workshops, a Genes and Health contest, and a high school GIDAS research conference. All focus primarily on applying computational biology to disease research.

Microgrant program

Once a year, we provide microgrants to innovative research on the year’s disease of focus. The winners will be voted on by 1) members and 2) donors.

Membership Benefits for Students

  miRcore Student Membership
Summer Camp Discount $200 off for one camp
Research conference discount $30 off
Access to invited speaker talks (about 10 times per year) Synchronous events
miRcore volunteer program Weekly meeting (September – April)
Academic writing editing session 50 min session with a scientific paper editing professional (Ph.D., Linguistics)
Voting right for the disease of focus 1 vote for each school year
 Due  $300

Payment Information

Membership dues must be paid in advance and in full and are non-refundable. miRcore accepts payment by checks in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. financial institutions (made payable to “MIRCORE”) or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express). Send payment to miRcore, 1100 North Main Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

Student Membership Application

Membership Term

The term is a twelve-month period of June 1st to May 31st each year after the receipt of payment. Specific membership term will be informed to members by email. All member benefits expire with the end of the membership.