miRcore Volunteer Communication

Update 11/18/2020

Dear MVP students,

With more places going under stricter rules, some of you are switching to all online learning. We’ve talked about COVID fatigue but there is hope. Let’s stay safe and healthy until we reach the end of the tunnel. Keep up a daily routine and join miRcore meetings where we can laugh together.

Microgrant fundraiser
Innovation is hard to get funding for since by definition it is unproven grounds. However, innovation is the key to advances in any field, and medical research is no exception. We want to support innovation and thus we will fundraise to provide microgrants to researchers who have innovative ideas.
In 2019-20, opioid addiction was voted on as our disease of focus, but we halted our annual fundraiser due to the pandemic. While everyone was suffering due to COVID-19, raising funds for something else seemed to be irresponsible. Now, during another big surge of COVID-19 cases, we are resuming the opioid fundraiser. One major reason for this is that opioid addictions got even worse due to the pandemic. MVP officers decided to finish the opioid addiction research fundraiser and then move on to the COVID-19 research fundraiser with a reduced target goal.

Here is the opioid addiction research fundraiser site. Please share it with your family and friends.

From the fundraiser committee:
miRcore is announcing a Covid-19 PPE fundraiser. Please add your name to the spreadsheet emailed to you if you’re able to obtain materials (hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks) in bulk from an Amazon wishlist (miRcore will provide the list). If you choose to, miRcore can reimburse you or you can subtract the costs from the donation amount.

Every MVP will be in charge of creating and distributing kits to donors. These will count as your fundraising/advocacy hours (5 hour minimum requirement).

GIDAS leaders: Audrey’s email has more information regarding getting your GIDAS involved in this fundraiser.

This weekend’s meeting:
We will continue connecting dataset and research questions. Since there is no meeting on Nov 28th, please do your best to meet with your group members this weekend.

Focus on what you can do and avoid spiraling into thoughts about what you cannot change.
Make a daily routine!

Inhan Lee, Ph.D.

Featured Speaker Talk

Eric Green, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH talks to miRcore students about the role of genomics in modern medicine.

miRcore Volunteer Recommendations

How to Use Zoom, MVP GDrive, and Skribbl.io

How to use Zoom

Zoom is a free platform that offers video conferencing, screen sharing, and chatroom functionalities. You can seamlessly set up online meetings, send out invitations for people to join, and add meetings to your Microsoft Outlook/Google Calendar using Zoom. All miRcore volunteers are expected to have Zoom installed for use in group research meetings and committee meetings.

You can download the Zoom Desktop application (the “Zoom Client”) for Mac or PC here: here

Instructions for setting up and using Zoom are available here.

The Zoom application is also available for mobile devices: Zoom at the App Store and Zoom on Google Play

How to Navigate the miRcore Volunteer Program’s Google Drive Folders

At the beginning of each volunteering season, miRcore volunteers receive access to several Google Drive folders containing resources for research, fundraising, and other miRcore activities. Depending on the folder, volunteers will have “View only” or “Editing” permission in each Drive folder.

Please see this presentation (courtesy of Rhea Cong, miRcore Volunteer Program Vice President, 2019-20) for details on how to navigate the Drive system and set up research folders for your research group: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1kPN7IqIh8NPYgdk8NSMoP75IeOhktjDonkzng510m-E/edit?usp=sharing

Google Drive Hierarchy (Folders and Subfolders)

• 2019-20 MVP Resources
        • Useful files
        • RNA division
        • Practice Data
        • Meeting Slides
        • 2019-20 MVP Research
        • MVP RNA
        • MVP DNA
        • MVP online
        • MVP general
        • Fundraisers
• miRcore Officers 2019-2020 (this folder is accessible only to miRcore Officers)

Skribbl.io Instructions

How to Join:

    • Have one member go to skribbl.io
    • Have that member click ‘Create Private Room’
    • Change the settings to 8 rounds and 40 seconds per turn
    • That group member will send the link (at the bottom) to the other people to join
    • Once everybody has clicked the link and is in the room, press start!

The goal of the game is to try to guess what other people are drawing. When it’s your turn to draw, try to make your drawing convey the word you are given so that other people will be able to guess. The person with the most points wins.

Today’s game should start and wrap up in about 10 mins.

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It’s easy to be misinformed about the pandemic- that’s why we’ve created this informational poster for you! We will continue this series. Stay informed, stay safe.

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Announcing our 2020-2021 disease of focus: COVID-19! Follow @mircoreofficial for more information about coronavirus, research events, and more.

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