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 Thank you for your contribution!


Your donations will be used in one of three main categories: 1) miRcore educational outreach programs, 2) publicly designated research funds for using a standard protocol including miRcore’s unique methods, and 3) a fund for microgrants independent of miRcore research.

We are a Federal tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to miRcore are tax deductible.

  1) General Fund

miRcore’s mission is to connect scientists, medical doctors, and the general public to realize precision medicine.

Over years, through our unique educational activities, our high school volunteers bring these groups together. Check out our high school student activities and their school club GIDAS (Genes in Diseases and Symptoms). Do you wish to support miRcore’s mission and activities? This is one way of contributing. We will use this general fund for any needed miRcore function.


  2) MicroRNA Research Fund

Initiate your own research interests.




You initiate any disease to be studied using our mirFilter network analysis method by inquiring us together with a check or credit card payment of more than $1,200 or $100 monthly installment (only for credit card option).
Please DO NOT put your credit card information in the Contact Us site.
We perform an initial screening process to determine if the project will produce meaningful results.
We identify potential disease experts (M.D. or Ph. D.) to participate in the research.
Once we approve the initiation, 100% of the initial donation will move to the specific disease fund and start the fundraiser.
If the initiation is not approved, check will be returned to the donor or credit card payment will not be charged, unless donor instructs otherwise.
If the fundraiser does not meet the goal within one year, it is possible that the fund will be used in other similar projects or move into miRcore general fund.
You can donate any amount to the disease of your interest to be researched.
If the target amount is not achieved within 1 year from the initiation, one of these three things will happen based on the donations received and donors will be notified.
More than 50% of the target amount: We will half the total sample size and proceed the research.
More than 20% of the target amount: We combined the fund for a similar disease.
Less than 20% of the target amount: The fund will be used for general funding.
You can help fundraise through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn by advertising your disease of interest to meet the goal.
Once the target amount is achieved, the collaborative disease experts will be determined and the standardized research in the above figure will be performed. The research progress will be shown in our website.

You can participate as a professional if you are:
a practicing medical doctor who has access to patients;
a licensed person who can draw blood.

You can participate as a blood donor if your physical condition meets our research criteria.

 3) Microgrant Fund

We want to support the very initial stage of innovative research by providing microgrants ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 to be used as seed money to quickly test hypotheses. We encourage using confirmatory data to apply for other grants so that research keeps moving toward applications. We consider innovation the key to realizing personalized medicine in the shortest time frame and want to be a leveraging force for scientists in the current funding landscape. No preliminary data nor track record are necessary for consideration. Evaluation criteria are innovation, scientific feasibility, and donor votes. Yes, your vote counts! You are invited to participate in steering the usage of funds if your donation is more than $120 or $10 monthly installment for more than a year to any area of miRcore funds.