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Every year, the high school students of GIDAS vote on diseases of their choice, and set up projects to raise awareness locally, as well as raise funds for microgrants that research the chosen diseases. If you are interested in getting funding for your own research, please visit this link.


Roja Ramisetty

$200.00 November 21, 2020
Anonymous User


$10.00 November 5, 2020


$280.00 August 28, 2020

Lollipop fundraiser(Plymouth canton educational park)


Audrey Gunawan

$50.00 August 12, 2020

thank you miRcore!!


Pali High GIDAS

$650.00 June 3, 2020

Kits fundraiser!


MVP and Fundraiser Committee

$465.00 March 7, 2020

Amazing World of Genes, Biology, and Me Workshop


Pioneer GIDAS

$187.00 March 6, 2020

Thank you Pioneer!


Pioneer GIDAS

$92.19 February 2, 2020

SNAP Custom Pizza event!


International Academy East GIDAS

$256.70 January 17, 2020

Pioneer GIDAS

$119.50 January 16, 2020

Winter Bake Sale


Lawrence Merritt

$100.00 January 11, 2020

on behalf of Owen Merritt's miRcore participation

Opioid Addiction Research Microgrant

$4,007 of $10,000 raised

High school students are fundraising for opioid addiction research

It is hard to get government funding for innovative research due to the lack of supporting data. We provide microgrants so that an innovative researcher can obtain initial data. Please donate for opoid addiction research.


Microgrant Candidate

Shelly Flagel, Ph.D.

Dr. Flagel is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Michigan and Research Associate Professor in the Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute. She is an Associate Member of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology and a Kavli National Academy of Sciences Fellow. Her research focuses on understanding the behavioral and neurobiological factors that contribute to individual differences in reward learning and susceptibility to addiction.



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