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Every year, high school students in GIDAS vote on diseases of their choice, set up projects to raise awareness locally, and raise microgrants funds for research on the chosen diseases. If you are interested in getting funding for your own research, please visit this link.

This year’s focus: autoimmune diseases



Rachel Fromwiller

$141.00 March 24, 2023

International Academy- Okma


Manasvi Patel

$100.00 March 5, 2023

Raised money from family and community for 6 MVP advocacy hours


See's Candy Shops

$25.90 March 3, 2023

Alexander Gaenko

$250.00 March 3, 2023

Shrinitha Balraj

$53.00 February 24, 2023

Go MVP !!!, Painted and sold paintings.


Girish Bhat

$100.00 February 18, 2023

Canyon Crest Academy


Shiban Tiku

$50.00 February 15, 2023

For Sushma


Aishwarya Shivaraman

$137.00 February 15, 2023

Northville GIDAS



$1,125.40 February 13, 2023

GIDAS fundraiser


Aparna Kaul

$100.00 February 13, 2023

Canyon Crest Academy


Vinila Yarlagadda

$100.00 February 13, 2023

Canyon Crest Academy


Milind Shah

$100.00 February 12, 2023

Canyon Crest Academy - Anusha Chatha


Anusha Chatha

$100.00 February 12, 2023

Canyon Crest Academy


Nishika Ivaturi

$52.00 February 8, 2023

Helen Kucinski

$115.00 February 2, 2023

Skyline High School GIDAS

Autoimmune Disease Research Microgrant

$4,089 of $10,000 raised

High school students are fundraising for type 1 diabetes research

It is difficult to get government funding for innovative research due to the lack of supporting data. We provide microgrants so that an innovative researcher can obtain initial data. Your donation will help advance autoimmune disease research by providing much needed funding.

Did you know that cells can recycle too? Well, not in the sense as we usually know it, but rather recycling their own mitochondria. This is called mitophagy. For type 1 diabetes patients, this could be exceptionally valuable. Diabetes patients, especially older patients, have β-cells in the pancreas that are damaged by chronic inflammation and generate less energy. With less energy, these β-cells cannot produce enough insulin, causing diabetes. Scott Soleimanpour, M.D. and Vaibhav Sidarala, M.D. plan to use the ability of cells to recycle, or use mitophagy, to remove damaged mitochondria so that they can be replaced with healthy ones. Their study involves isolating mouse β-cells with varying levels of mitophagy and studying their RNA expressions to gain a better understanding of what allows for resistance against inflammatory damage. In order to conduct their research, they will need $10,000 for materials such as RNA isolation kits. Help Soleimanpour and Sidarala in their effort to investigate this emerging diabetes therapeutic technique by donating to their microgrant here.

Microgrant Candidates (working together)

Scott Soleimanpour, M.D. Vaibhav Sidarala, M.D.


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