2016 Conference

 2016 High School GIDAS Research Conference

Theme: Genes and Lung Cancer

The theme of this year’s conference was Genes and Lung Cancer. Here is a quick recap of how the event went!


2015 conference 2

Date: June 4, 2016 (Saturday), 12:30 – 5:30 pm

Location: Room 1230 Undergraduate Science Building (USB), University of Michigan (204 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48109)

Open to the public, including middle school students.

     General Attender fee: $20 (workshops included)
     Conference Presenter fee: $32
     Accompanying parents: Free (donation welcome)
     Additional Conference Proceedings (abstract booklet): $12


You will receive email confirmation of the registration and payment.

Registration options

If you wish to present, a tentative research title is fine in the registration form.



Keynote Speaker: David Beer, Ph.D.


David G. Beer is the John and Carla Klein Professor of Thoracic Surgery and a Professor of Radiation Oncology at the University of Michigan Medical School.

Dr. Beer is currently Co-Director of the Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics Program for the Comprehensive Cancer Center and has served on many committees within the University and Cancer Center. He is currently or has been an Associate Editor for Cancer Research, Clinical Cancer Research, and the International Journal of Oncology, Carcinogenesis, Translational Research, Translational Oncology, Annals of Translational Medicine and Journal of Thoracic Oncology.

Dr. Beer has published over 225 peer-reviewed original research articles and has had a focus on two main research areas, the molecular characterization of genes critical to human esophageal adenocarcinoma development, and the molecular genetics of human lung cancer.  In lung cancer, Dr. Beer has pioneered the use of gene and protein expression profiling for the identification of high-risk early stage lung cancers and has been a working group member for four TCGA projects: lung adenocarcinoma, lung squamous cell carcinoma, gastric carcinoma and esophageal carcinoma all recently published in Nature.

Commencement Letter from NIH Director, Francis Collins, M.D., Ph.D.

 commencement letter 2016


Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings 2016 



  12:01 pm –                  . Registration (poster setup)  
  12:30 pm –

Greetings from miRcore President

                  Inhan Lee, Ph.D.
  12:35 pm –

Keynote Address

                 David Beer, Ph.D.
                 Jonhn and Carla Klein Professor of Thoracic Surgery
                 Professor of Radiation Oncology, University Of Michigan
                 Lung Cancer

Questions and Answers

  1:05 pm –

Student Oral Presentation I  (5-7 min each)

A1  Halla Kabat and Leo Tunkel, 11th Grade, Huron High School, Washtenaw, MI

EGFR Amplification May Downregulate miR-133b to Activate MET Expression in Lung Cancer

A2  Anna Kaehr, 11th Grade, Skyline High School, Washtenaw, MI

Overexpression of Mitosis-Regulating Genes Observed in Smokers with Adenocarcinoma

A2 Shreya Chakravarthy, 11th Grade, Pioneer High School, Washtenaw, MI

The Upregulation of Genes and Alterations in Mitosis Due to Smoking

A2 Visal John, 11th Grade, Saint Clair High School, Saint Clair, MI

The Effect of BUB1 on Patients with Lung Cancer

A3  Daria Pyrozhenko and Katelyn Bailey

12th Grade, Huron High School, Washtenaw, MI; Arbor Preparatory High School

TEK and TIE1 Downregulation in Smokers and Nonsmokers with Lung Adenocarcinoma

 A4  Clarissa May Babila(1), Morgan Gallimore(2), Emily Wang(3), 10th Grade,

(1) Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School, Bloomfield Hills; (2) Greenhills School, Washtenaw, MI

Leukocyte Transendothelial Molecules in NSCLC

A4  Emily Wang, Clarissa May Babila, Morgan Gallimore

Upregulation of PECAM1 as Prevention of Apoptosis in NSCLC

A5  Neerja Garikipati, 11th Grade, Huron High, Washtenaw, MI

MiRNA Biomarkers as Targets for Downstream Regulation of Tumoregenic Genes

A6  Elizabeth Woelmer(1), Jae Chan Hwang(2), Anurima Kumar(2), and Natsume Ono(2), and Veena Thamilselvan(3)

12th Grade, (1) Milan High School, Milan, MI; (2) Community High School, Washtenaw, MI

(3) 10th grade, Harrison High School, Oakland, MI

Downregulation of TCF21 by EZH2 in Small Cell Lung Cancer
  1:40 pm – Break (poster setup; snacks availalbe throughout poster session)  
  1:50 pm –
Student Poster Session (all poster presenters at their posters)

Downregulation of DNA Repair Gene UBE2N in NSCLC | Anjali Sharma

Elevated Mitosis and DNA Synthesis May Contribute to Lung Cancer in Female Non-smokers | Annaliese Bangert, Danna Shefa, Shreya Rao, and Varshini Odayar

Cell Adhesion Molecule Genes in Lung Cancer | Annie Zhou and Arundhathy Suresh

TEK Gene in Nonsmokers with Cancer | Caitlyn Kao

CD40 and Immunoglobulin Response with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer | Gina Liu

Mitosis-related Upregulated Genes in Adenocarcinoma among Smokers and Nonsmokers | Hannah Lee

Correlation Between Tumor Necrosis and Immunoglobulin Production in Non-Smoker Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer | Ira Tunkle, Gina Liu, Minjun Kim, and Angus Fan 

UBE2N and Protein Degradation in Lung Cancer | Haripriya Suryadevara

Downregulated Vasculature Development in Smokers with Lung-Adenocarcinoma | Oliver Barron, Halla Kabat, and Leo Tunkle

Up-regulated Genes in Smokers with Adenocarcinoma Affect Cell Mitosis Rates | Pavitra Srinivasan

Impact of AURKA, MAD2L1, and BUB1 on Cell Division and Lung Cancer | Reem Farjo

Significantly Different Genes in Causations of Lung Cancer | Rephael Berkooz

Analyzing the Relationship between Cell Cycle Regulation and the CCNA2 Gene in Small Cell Lung Cancer | Shreya Ohri

DET1 Downregulation in Smokers with Lung Cancer | Sujay Kulkarn

All: discussion and idea sharing

  2:50 pm –
Student Oral Presentation II (5 min each group)

B1  Veena Thamilselvan, 10th Grade, Harrison High School, Oakland, MI

Significance of Calcium Mobilizing G-protein Coupled Receptor Genes in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Types

B2  Matthew Lee, 11th Grade, Northville High School, Wayne, MI

Downregulation of Cadherin-Regulating Gene in Never-Smokers with Adenocarcinoma

B2  Sanjana Sathrasala, 11th Grade, Canton High School, Wayne, MI

Role of CENPF in Cell Growth of ­­­­­­­Lung Cancer Patients Who Smoke

B3 Sruthi Sundar, 12th Grade, Plymouth High School, Wayne, MI

Comparing gene expression in smoker and nonsmoker tumor cells

B3 Rohan Erasala, 9th Grade, Northville High School, Wayne, MI,

Targeting the Effect of Smoking by Gene Regulation

B4  Minjun Kim, 10th Grade, Community High School, Washtenaw, MI

TNFSF13 Interaction with Immunoglobulin in Lung Cancer

B5   Isabel Petrescu, 11th Grade, Plymouth High School, Wayne, MI

PRKCG and its Relation to Lung Adenocarcinoma and Squamous Cell Lung Cancer

B6 Saveri Nandigama, 11th Grade, Mercy High School, Oakland, MI

Targeting of SKA2 in Small Cell Lung Cancer Medication

  3:30 pm – Workshops (each runs simultaneously for two 45 min sessions) – middle school students are welcome  
workshop I. Computer Research Workshop (at computer lab room 2230)
                                                     By Anurima Kumar, Elizabeth Woelmer, Jae Chan Hwang, and Natsume Ono
              Designed for people with no or little experience in computational biology. Will learn how to use computational resources to find gene names, structure, and interactions. It’s hands-on.

 workshop II. Genes Expression Game Workshop (at room 2234)

                                                      By Jesse Kim, Cristina Castillo, Andre Zapico, and Axel Martin
               You will change gene expressions by various activities (exercise, food, brain usage, rest) and compete with others how fast to make disease expressions to normal ones.
               Sorry we have only Starburst as food substitutes. Sudoku is one of the brain activities – learn it in advance.

5:10 pm –

2015-16 GIDAS report
    Community, Farmington, Huron, Mercy, Milan, Pioneer, Skyline High School GIDAS
Best paper and poster awards
  5:30 pm


    GIDAS students will be available to answer how to start one at your school


Poster Guidelines

Size: 48′ (width) X 36′ (height).

Check in with your poster and set up by 1:45 pm.


Abstract submission

If you wish to present at the conference podium, please submit an abstract following the format by May 15th, 2016 (by midnight). Selection of oral presentation will be notified by May 23rd, 2016.


Additional poster presentation may be considered for abstracts received after May 22nd if space is available.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Research Abstract Format

Abstract should be fit in a page (minimum 300 words to maximum 500)

Four required section headings: Introduction, Methods, Results, and Conclusion

Margin: Top 1”, Bottom 1”, Left 1”, Right 1”

Single Line spacing

Title: Arial 14 in bold, center text

Author name(s): Arial 11 bold, center text

Author affiliation(s): Arial 11 italic, center text

Main text:  Arial 11 with headings in bold, Align text left

Please refer to 2014’s abstracts as examples.


File submission: email attach the abstract both in Word and PDF files to abstract at mircore.org.



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