– 10/6/2020 –

Dear MVP students and parents,

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and concerns during the first MVP meeting. I am emailing you one day early because there are a few things we need to determine.
1) First of all, I would like to invite all of you to a Science Magazine Webinar, which will take place this Thursday from noon to 1 pm (EST). Science is one of the top journals out there, and it’s prestigious status is built on consistent quality. While most Science webinars take place at a professional level, they assured me that the upcoming webinar is public friendly and our students can watch without worrying about privacy issues since the emails will only be used for that webinar purpose. Even if you cannot stay the entire time, try to see as much as possible.
I think it might even be good content for your GIDAS club activities, so consider inviting your GIDAS members.
I will probably have an after-webinar session during this weekend meeting.
2) Sunday meeting option
Some students have a problem with the Sat 2-4 pm EST time frame. Here are some options to address such issues.
For those who have a time conflict with Sat 2-4 pm EST for the majority of the year: Please provide when you will be available for group meetings.
Please respond at your earliest convenience since I will determine the time by the end of Wednesday.
a) Sunday meeting
We will only open Sunday meetings to students with regular miRcore memberships.
Regular membership: annual fee of $120:
    – One year of membership is included if you have taken two summer camps this year.
    – If you’ve taken one summer camp, you can upgrade to a membership for $40, with the membership start date being the camp start date.
Sunday groups will watch the meeting recording and then meet their groups for group research/activities.
b) Separate group research meeting time option
For those who cannot stay for the group research part (roughly 3-4 pm EST): please share a one hour time frame when you will be available. Please understand that I sometimes go over the teaching section however (there are so many things I want to teach you!). I don’t think we can provide live group research support during this time frame.
My usual email for this weekend’s meeting will be out on Thursday. I am so excited to work with this year’s MVP group!
Inhan Lee, Ph.D.