2020 GIDAS Genes and Health Contest

Hello GIDAS Leaders,

I hope everyone had a great winter break! As school resumes, so do miRcore & GIDAS meetings. The GIDAS Genes and Health Contest is right around the corner, on Saturday, January 25, 2020.
I encourage you to start reviewing for the Contest in your clubs, if you have not already. The Contest website from last year has many study materials linked (disregard anything related to pancreatic cancer). Please take note that Contest participants should know how to use UCSC Genome Browser.

I will send another email as soon as the registration form opens.

If you’re looking for ways to encourage participation in the Genes and Health Contest, here are some Reasons to Participate in the Contest:
1. It’s free!
2. It’s fun! (there are games, food, and prizes)
3. It reinforces knowledge of functional genomics, diseases in terms of genes and environmental networks, and computational biology research

If you need any recommendations on review materials or any GIDAS/miRcore-related queries, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Eleanor L.
miRcore Volunteer Program President
Huron GIDAS President