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Highschool Students are fundraising for Depression


What is Depression?

MDD or Major Depressive Disorder affects over 350 million people worldwide. Its symptoms can be debilitating leading to a poor livelihood for its captive and their loved ones. You can make a difference by supporting the scientific community!


Please visit the following youcaring site Microgrant for Depression Research to share it through your facebook!

Who is Dr. Thompson?

Dr. Robert Thompson is a researcher at the University of Michigan where he works as a Research Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry.  

He has been a researcher for over 12 years and he researches is the role of stress in psychiatric disorders. Currently his research focuses on the role of stress in the alteration of mood found in depression.

His novel research would provide insight into the types of cells affected by stress and begin the foundation for future research into the genes involved in this response.

Every step towards understanding the system of emotions is step towards finding a way to help individuals suffering from depression!