2020 Biology Workshop

Amazing World of Genes, Biology, and Me

This workshop is for 4th-9th graders curious about genetics and biology. Students will learn about the amazing world of biology through grade-appropriate activities including making a DNA model, using microscopes, and other fun activities. Students will have the chance to learn alongside like-minded students in a fun environment. Light refreshments will be provided.


Date: March 7, 2020 (Saturday), 1:00 – 5:00 pm

Location: Room 1013 Dow Building, University of Michigan (2300 Hayward St, Ann Arbor, MI)

Audience:  4th-9th graders interested in learning about biology

Suggested donation:  $25 includes all materials and light refreshment

(100% of donations will go towards Dr. Shelly Flagel’s research into addiction at the University of Michigan more information is available at https://www.mircore.org/fundraiser/)

Bring:  Laptop if possible


You will receive email confirmation of the registration and payment.

       Are you interested in biology? Do you want to learn more about genetics and DNA?

       Come to the Amazing World of Genes, Biology, and Me!

       This workshop is designed to provide young students familiarity with the core concepts of genetics, and experience with tools such as micropipettes.

2020 Workshop Tentative Agenda

1:00 pm


            Bonding activity



  4th-6th grade 7th-9th grade
1:45 pm
    1. DNA Basics presentation and activities
      1. Candy DNA
      2. Punnett squares
    1. Career Mad Libs 
    2. 4-corners
    3. Mitochondria origami
    4. PCR wood model
    1. Learning how to use micropipettes
    2. DNA gel display
    3. Presentation(more in depth DNA+ central dogma)
    4. DNA pipe cleaners + beads
    5. Pedigree activity
    6. PCR wood model
    7. Kahoot
    8. Career Presentation
4:00 pm


Bonding activity

DNA/RNA under the microscope

Intro to GIDAS/miRcore presentations