Fundraising for Breast Cancer

          Fundraising for Breast Cancer  Research“Breast Cancer Research   Microgrant”

Who are we? We are high school students fundraising for breast cancer research! All of the funds will go towards a breast cancer research conducted by scientists.

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Breast Cancer does need more research, but I believe it needs something else. When we volunteered at the Cancer Support Community, I realized that the only people who actually participated were those who have had cancer, or had loved ones with cancer. It isn’t wrong that this is true, but I think that people who have never had cancer dismiss the emotional side of cancer, especially breast cancer. When I interviewed Mrs. Lubbers for our indiegogo video, I got a glimpse of the distress that comes with having such a severe health complication, and the difficulties associated with it that I would have never had by just reading online. Especially with the publicity breast cancer gets from huge organizations, people forget that curing cancer does not start with money. It comes with understanding the people who have it themselves. I am not saying that everyone only cares about monetary side of breast cancer. I am saying that people who donate money just for tax credit should instead take their time and effort to make a personal connection to someone who might need their help. People in this world need to understand each other for our society to progress. We cannot be ambivalent. It’s only when we show our passion that we can make our world a better place for all of us to live.

Michael Lee, Pioneer high school GIDAS president (sophomore)