Annual Plan

Annual GIDAS (Genes In Diseases And Symptoms) Activities

intertwined miRcore volunteering and GIDAS activities

GIDAS cycle

2015-16 High School Club Activity Plan

  The Annual Plan serves to guide each GIDAS according to its particular academic calendar. It is primarily based on Ann Arbor High School GIDAS activity in 2014-2015.

  • August
• Form GIDAS initial board members
• Advertise GIDAS during registration period
  • September
• Decide on a disease of focus of the year
– Research on disease of interest
– Present to club members
– Vote on a disease
• Announce disease of choice to increase awareness
  • October
• General disease research
• Identify activities and determine leaders for each activity
  • November
• Identify and contact a community for volunteering
• Recruit guest speaker(s)
  • December
• Advertise for (local) community related to the disease
• Party sharing volunteer experience
  • January
• Learn computationl biology
• At least one internet fundraising activity for spreading awareness
  • February
• Participate in the Gene and Health Contest
• Start to prepare for school assembly
  • March
• Encourage participation in the Southeastern Michigan Science Fair
• Engage community volunteering activity
  • April
• Prepare advocate video for disease research
• Group fundraiser to provide microgrants for scientists
  • May
• Systems biology and gene network research on the disease
• Plan for next year’s GIDAS activity
  • June
• Publish research abstract
• Research Conference