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January 2017

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About miRcore (Sept.- Dec. 2016)

Jan2017 fig2-1By the Updates committee on January 28

miRcore is a non-profit genetic research organization that supports innovative genetic research by integrating the efforts of scientists, doctors, and the public. GIDAS, Genes in Diseases and Symptoms club, is a network of high school outreach clubs for miRcore. While preparing ourselves for the emerging era of medical genomics, we are advocates for personalized medicine and public gene literacy.


Our Vision: Anyone should be able to initiate medical research that matters to them.


Our Values: Science, Compassion, Collaboration


Depression blurb

By the Advocacy committee on January 21


Although depression is a serious condition that affects approximately 5% of the world’s population, there is still a social stigma associated with it. This is something that needs to be addressed, as there are effective treatments for depression. Additionally, twice as many women suffer from depression than men, and an estimated 350 million people of all ages are affected. The stigma that depression is “all in your head” deters suffers from seeking treatment. Also, since depression often occurs with other diseases, those may be a complication to effective depression treatment. One way to identify that a person has depression may be that they do not respond in the same way to rewards. The part of the brain affected by depression is the same part of the brain responsible for the disappointment that occurs when a reward is not received. 


Senior Volunteer Spotlight: Anna Kaehr

By the Spotlight committee on January 28


Favorite fruit: StrawberriesJan2017 fig3

Favorite song: You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

Favorite hobby: Playing the Cello

Favorite movie: Hidden Figures

Favorite subject in school: Science or Latin



Spotlight Committee: What current school do you attend?

Anna Kaehr: I attend Skyline High School in Ann Arbor.


SC: How long have you been a part of miRcore?

AK: I’ve been a part of miRcore for 3 years or since sophomore year.


SC: How did you become involved in miRcore?

AK: A friend told me about the computational biology camp, and then I became involved miRcore program after that.


SC: What is your favorite part of miRcore?

AK: I enjoy meeting new people and being able to talk about subjects we are all passionate about


SC: What are your plans for college/future?

AK: I think I’m going to the University of Michigan for engineering, and I’ll probably study biomedical engineering or chemical engineering.


SC: What was your most memorable moment at miRcore?

AK: We were doing a fundraising event last May. It was a sunny day, but suddenly it got really cloudy and it started raining. We were in the University of Michigan Diag, and since we didn’t have time to cross the street, we just stayed under a tree. All our posters got wet, but we still made some money for lung cancer research. It was a fun bonding experience.


SC: Do you have any good jokes?

AK: Can I use one from my sister?

SC: Sure!

AK: There was a mathematician, a chemist, and an engineer who were all trying to find the volume of a cylinder. The mathematician found the diameter and height and calculated it from that. The chemist used water displacement. The engineer looked it up on Google.


SC: Do you have any advice for younger high schoolers/ miRcore members?

AK: Take advantage of your resources. There are so many people here who you can talk to. You can learn more things together than what you might have imagined. And remember to have fun!