Newsletter Second Edition

Newsletter Second Edition
0 1 September 2016

Hello, and welcome to our second edition of the miRcore newsletter.

To start off, here is our pun of the week!

“We can change corduroys, but we cannot easily change genes.”


If you would like more information about our organization, here is one of our pamphlets:


Recently, Natsume Ono, a miRcore volunteer, was interviewed about her thoughts on miRcore. The volunteer reflects on her favorite memories and aspects of miRcore:


How many years have you been at miRcore?

I joined my sophomore year, so 2 and a half.


What’s your favorite part about miRcore?

My favorite part is going every week, and seeing people who are passionate about learning about the different things that we do, and also helping people by doing fundraisers and stuff, and performances that we do at senior centers sometimes.


What’s one of the most important piece of knowledge you’ve gained from miRcore?

I don’t know, that’s really hard. I would say that sometimes you might not be interested in something. I wasn’t too interested in computational biology and stuff, but then realizing the bigger effect and how it could actually affect people, it definitely helped me realize the importance of a lot of things.


What’s it like being a TA?

It’s fun, I feel like I learn more from when I’m helping other people. Also, I remember in like sophomore year, when I was really confused about R and Linux, being able to help people understand what it is, that’s fun too.


What has been your greatest memory from miRcore?

I would say, I think, being an oral presenter at the GIDAS conference last year. It felt official, and I felt like I was doing something professional, and it was exciting.


Thank you for reading our second newsletter!

~ miRcore Newsletter Committee

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