– 10/16/2020 –

Dear MVP students and parents,

Now we are getting used to MVP meetings. Thanks everyone for your active participation, including the parent research group!

I will only send out zoom invites to those who responded to the form after preassigned breakout groups. This will also ensure to me that you are still engaged in our program even if you cannot join a specific meeting.

This weekend, I will teach about OMIM (a genotype and phenotype database) and we will have group presentations on COVID-19. Committee meetings will all take place on Saturday (4-4:30 pm) for now. This year, the San Diego committee will work as part of a combined California region force due to all the virtual meetings. If you want to build a strong CA presence, please consider joining even if you are not near San Diego.

To answer questions related to our year-long agenda:
1) Around Jan 30, 2021, we will host the 9th Annual Genes and Health Contest (free event open to the public, Main MVP & GIDAS event)
2) Around May 31, 2020, we will host the 8th Annual High School Research Conference (small fee, open to the public, Main MVP and GIDAS event)
3) Both events will have the following theme: Genes and COVID-19
4) Throughout the year, we will prepare you to be able to participate in both events.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Inhan Lee, Ph.D.