– 10/8/2020 –

Dear MVP students and parents,

Thanks to everyone who responded to the surveys! Based on student responses, we will add a group session on Sun 4-5 pm EST (1-2 pm PDT) for those who cannot make the Sat meetings. Please make sure you watch the meeting recordings before the group meeting.
Thanks to those who got a regular membership. It will help us sustain and improve the MVP.
Thanks to parents who expressed willingness to help and participate in various ways.
Based on the responses so far, we will implement bi-monthly parent meetings and start the first parent group research sessions this year. I am so excited! I will send a separate email to the parent research group for some logistics.
With all these new students as well as some logistics changes I may repeat some information multiple times for clarity, so please bear with me.
Main meeting: Sat 2-4 pm EST (11 am – 1 pm PDT)
Committee meeting: Sat 4-4:30 pm EST (1-1:30 PDT)
Alternative Sunday group meeting: Students with a membership should watch the main meeting recording (usually sent the Sunday morning), and then meet Sunday 4-5 pm EST (1-2 PM PDT) for group activities
Parent research group:
Two groups meet weekly on Sat 2-4 pm EST, One group meets 2-4 pm EST biweekly.
Some review sessions will be planned before the actual research.
I have also prepared an online course (with a fee) for those who didn’t have a chance to take summer camps but want to participate in MVP. I am not actively advertising it for now to focus on the quality of MVP first, but if you know someone who will definitely benefit from our program, please let me know so that I can give them information.
I really appreciate one parent’s comment of wanting to help miRcore grow. I sincerely believe that MVP is the product of our combined work as a community. We have several unique aspects in terms of quality and trust, and this reflects the people in MVP. Thank you.
This weekend’s meeting attendance projection:
Please respond to it by Friday. The form will close at midnight (EST) and I will send out a meeting link using the form.
Zoom sign in email: please use your signed in zoom account for your email in the attendance form so that our pre-assigned breakout groups work. To ensure this, I will limit the zoom meeting to only those with such emails.
For parents who want to join a research group and/or this week’s meeting, please respond to the meeting projection form with your own information.
This weekend meeting content.
To develop a good research project, you need to know what the crucial problems are. While our research will be gene-function focused, without understanding the societal impact of the research, we may fall into trivial traps. It is crucial to understand current facts about COVID-19, and as such groups will prepare a slide presentation. One or two groups will be randomly selected for presentation.
This weekend’s groups will be randomly formed.
The Science webinar that was live today goes very well with last week’s vaccine webinar and gives very good perspectives for the future. If you couldn’t watch it, you can view the recording here:
We can discuss what we can do based on the contents of this webinar. We will determine what we will do by the end of this meeting.
See you soon!
Inhan Lee, Ph.D.