– 2/25/2021 –

Dear miRcorers,

This weekend, we will run an R script to convert gene symbols to Entrez id’s, to make the KEGG pathway analysis easier. For those who don’t have R and Rstudio on your computer, please download both before this weekend’s meeting.


Group research

The group research guide session with UM professors may be 30 min during March instead of 10 short min. I highly recommend that students communicate within your groups beyond MVP meetings to strengthen your group research teamwork. Also, as I mentioned last week, if you are getting back to research after missing meetings for a long time, please indicate this in the meeting projection form so that I can make a new group for you. Welcome back to such students last week!

Ongoing fundraiser

Our microgrant fundraising efforts continue for opioid addiction research (significantly impacted due to COVID-19). Science depends on innovation, but in practice, innovative research struggles to attract funding due to its nature (no supporting data available). Our microgrant addresses this by funding innovative ideas so as to obtain initial supporting data, crucial for getting significant funding. In short, we support innovation. Any donation amount is really appreciated.


Thanks for the COVID19- kit fundraisers at each GIDAS and for your interest in merchandise that our students are preparing. Preparation for the second annual workshop for middle school students is also in progress. All this requires good advertising. It is wonderful to see many committees working together to make this fundraiser a success. Thank you.

Spring break

I was wrong about the UM spring break: there is none this year. Sorry. However, after the MVP officer meeting, we decided to take a break on March 27th, 2021.

See you soon!

Inhan Lee, Ph.D.