April 2020 GIDAS Newsletter

As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to evolve, it is important for everyone to continue observing best practices for self-care and the prevention of virus transmission. The World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, and Johns Hopkins University websites all have reliable info on the COVID-19 worldwide situation and effective health measures individuals/groups can take against the virus. These measures include:

  • Practicing social distancing – minimizing your physical contact with other people in order to protect yourself and others
  • Washing your hands with soap regularly (and using hand sanitizer when hand washing is not possible)
  • Checking your state’s COVID-19 guidelines and complying with them, e.g. stay-at-home orders


General Wellness Tips

  • Stay in (virtual) contact with friends and family to make sure they are safe and healthy.
  • Stay engaged in school or find your own learning activities to keep your mind active. College Board and Khan Academy are great resources for students preparing for AP Exams. Khan Academy also has learning resources for virtually any subject, beyond AP Exam prep.
  • Maintain a regular sleeping, eating, and exercising schedule.


2020 Research Conference

Due to several COVID-related factors, including the difficulties faced by our invited conference presenters and contributors and the new timeline for 2020 AP Exams, the 2020 Research Conference will not occur in May. We are exploring several options for an online conference later in the year. Regardless of the Conference date or format, miRcore will be publishing submitted abstracts.


Finalized abstract submissions are due by 11:59 pm EDT on April 19, 2020.

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