– May 13, 2020 –

Dear MVP students,

Keep doing well with your exams!

Based on your feedback, we will continue Thu team-building in addition to the main MVP meetings. I am also happy to see your bright faces. This week’s email will be short.

1) Study with me session
It was a bit difficult to coordinate your schedules, especially with AP exams. To reduce scheduling difficulties, I simplified the question in the meeting projection form to apply specifically to this week alone.

2) Thu team-building session on May 14, 2020
Once again, we will have a 30 min meeting at 7:30 (ET).

3) Student achievements:
I am so impressed at your high achievements. I love when I get emails from MVP alumni telling me that they could get jobs/positions/recognition due to miRcore related activities. Thank you all for your dedication, and for keeping the MVP experience meaningful and significant.

4) New blog featuring Eleanor: https://www.mircore.org/blog/  

5) ISEF info
As far as I know, four MVP students have become 2020 ISEF finalists. Although the in person fair was cancelled, the virtual fair (May 18-22) is open to all. This is a wonderful opportunity.

6) Once again, this weekend’s meeting is only on Saturday (not Sunday) and will go from 2-3 pm.

Be active!

Inhan Lee, Ph.D.