– May 6, 2020 –

Dear MVP students,

With AP exams next week, many students are feeling anxious and stressed. So, based on your responses, we will shorten next two MVP meetings to 1 hours. Even if you cannot join the meeting please submit the meeting projection form saying that you cannot join. I understand that sometimes you cannot join. Your response means you stay participating in the MVP, however.

1) Study with me session
This would take place through a virtual meeting, with each member doing work quietly. The idea is to have an accountability group where you and others sit and work together, which typically helps with productivity. Because you see others concentrating on their work, it motivates you to stay focused as well. In this way, we can stay connected, especially in the current conditions: even though we are physically separated, we are not alone.
You can mark the preferred time to “study with me” session in the meeting projection form.

2) Thursay team-building session on May 7, 2020
We will meet 30 min at 7:30 pm (ET) to check in with each other and to have a break from study. Let’s laugh together.

3) 2020-21 MVP officer application due is this Friday May 8th, 2020, 11:59 ET.
Application form includes more detailed information. Check your email for the link.

4) Online summer camp time change
BT camp (June 22-26), July CB camp (July 6-10), and R camp (July 13-17) time is shifted to 10 am – 5 pm (ET). For other time zone students, it may be now easier to attend.

5) Seniors
If you determine your school, please share it in the meeting projection form. Congratulations!

6) 2019-20 awards, etc.
With many students get so many awards, I stopped counting all your awards for several years. Last year, I realized that I should celebrate them as much possible, when four of five MVP students as ISEF finalists sent me a group photo. If you have awards and achievements in 2019-20, please share them with me in the meeting projection form. Any types of awards are good. This will be a good exercise for your college app, too.

7) This weekend meeting is only on Sat (no Sunday meeting) for one hour at 2 pm ET. Meeting projection form has a poll for research topics for this weekend. Check your email for the link to the projection form.

Happy upcoming Mother’s day!

Inhan Lee, Ph.D.