2018 Conference

High School GIDAS Research Conference

Do you like science and computers?  Are you interested in discovering relationships between genes and diseases? Come to the High School Students’ Research Conference and find out what other students are investigating.

This conference is designed to provide young students to real scientists’ experience in a conference setting to promote learning and interests in science.

There will be interesting hands-on workshops, presentations of research done by high schoolers (including you!), as well as the opportunity to directly interact with keynote speakers.

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The Fifth Annual High School GIDAS Research Conference

This year’s conference is on the May 19, 2018, and the theme is Genes and Brain Cancer.

Commencement Letter from the National Institute of Health Director, Dr. Francis Collins:

commencement letter


Keynote Speaker


Sachin Kheterpal, M.D., M.B.A.

Title: Moving from Precision Medicine to Precision Health

Dr. Kheterpal is an Associate Professor of anesthesiology and Associate Dean for Research Information Technology at the University of Michigan Medical School. He received his bachelor’s, medical degree and master’s in business administration from the University of Michigan. He spent his early postgraduate career as a software entrepreneur and led product development integration during his company’s acquisition by General Electronic Medical Systems.  Since then, his academic career has been focused on the novel use of IT and electronic health records (EHR) for patient care, quality improvement and research. He is recognized as a national leader in perioperative large dataset clinical research and has published numerous articles, editorials and book chapters regarding intraoperative management and long-term postoperative outcomes. Using innovative techniques to integrate administrative, EHR and registry data across institutions, he leads the Multicenter Perioperative Outcomes Group, a research and quality improvement consortium of more than 40 anesthesiology and surgical departments.  

WorkShop A

Workshop B

Workshop c

See Through Brains – How transparent brains enable scientists to “see” brain cells

 GEO2R and String-db

 Change Gene Expressions

Thompson, Bob

by Bob Thompson (Ph.D., UM Department of Psychiatry)


 by Jon Tao


Date: May 19, 2018 (Saturday), 12:30 – 5:30 pm

Location: Room 1230 Undergraduate Science Building (USB), University of Michigan (204 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48109)

Open to the public, including middle school students and adults.

     General Attender fee: $25 (workshops included)
     Conference Presenter fee: $35
     Accompanying parents: Free (donation welcome)
     Adult: $10 (donation)
     Additional Conference Proceedings (abstract booklet): $12


You will receive email confirmation of the registration and payment.

Registration options

If you wish to present, a tentative research title is fine in the registration form.


2018 Conference Agenda

12:00 pm Registration (Poster Setup)
12:30 pm Greetings from miRcore President | Inhan Lee, Ph.D.
12:35 pm

Keynote Address: Sachin Kheterpal, M.D., M.B.A. (Assicate Professor of anesthesiology and Associate Dean for Research Information Technology at the University of Michigan Medical School)

Moving from Precision Medicine to Precision Health

1:05 pm Student Oral Presentation I
A1. Veena Thamilselvan, 12th Grade, Harrison High School, Oakland, MI
Diagnostic Uses of Platelet Gene Expression in Glioma Patients
A2. Saad Qureshi, 10th Grade, Portage Central High School, Portage, MI
POLR2F Expression as an Indicator and Potential Treatment for Glioblastoma
A2. Eric Zhong, 11th grade, International Academy East, Troy, MI
POLR2F as a Potential Blood-Based Biomarker for Glioblastoma Survival
A3. Emily Wang, 12th Grade, Greenhills School, Washtenaw County, MI
Upregulation of TNF Signalling as a Promoter of Cancer Motility and Metastasis in Glioblastoma Multiforme
A4. Andrea Eleazar, 11th Grade, Washington Township High School, Sewell, NJ
Fibroblast Growth Factors May Slow Metastasis of Medulloblastoma Through Inhibition of Tumorigenic Pathways
A5. Varshini Odayar¹, Alexandra Dram², Xiyu Zhong³ , Kate Wang4, ¹11th Grade, Seven Hills High School, Cincinnati, OH; ²10th grade, Naperville Central High School, Naperville, IL; ³11th Grade, Novi High School, Novi, MI; 49th grade, Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego, CA
Downregulation of Genes involved in Critical Biological Processes: Wild-Type Versus Mutated Glioblastoma Multiforme
A6. Borun Bhattacharya¹, Hana Kim¹, Eleanor Lin², Gina Liu³, Will Panitch³, ¹11th and ²10th Huron, ³11th Community High Schools, Washtenaw, MI
The PI3-AKT Pathway in Pituitary Tumors
1:40 pm Break (Poster setup)
1:50 pm Poster Session
2:50 pm Student Oral Presentation II
B1. Veena Thamilselvan¹, Clarissa Babila², Bhuvna Murthy³, Jocelyn Zhang4, ¹12th Harrison High School, Oakland; ²12th Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School, Oakland; ³11th and 410th Grades, Huron High School, Washtenaw, MI
Proteoglycans Implicated in the Progression of Glioblastoma Multiforme
B2. Nikhila Anand¹, Rachel Carethers¹, Tanvi Sharma², Deniz Kirca¹, 10th Grade, ¹Skyline, ²Plymouth High Schools, MI
The Effect of Genes in the MHC Antigen Processing and Presentation Pathway on Human Prolactinoma
B3. Saaim Khan¹ and Nitin Potturi², ¹9th Grade, Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School, Bloomfield Hills, MI; ²11th Grade, Imagine International Academy of North Texas, McKinney, TX
Significance of chaperone, cisplatin effect-inducing, and ribosomal p53 activator proteins in glioma
B4. Shreya Kashyap, 11th Grade, Northville High School, Northville, MI
CACNG3 Levels Used for Staging of Glioma
Special Presentations. UM Brain Cancer Research Labs, Microgrant Projects 
B5. Rohan Nuthalapati¹, Maria Cheriyan², Rohan Erasala³, Vinay Gullapalli¹, Sami Zaidi4, ¹11th and ²9th, Detroit Country Day School, Oakland County; ³11th Northville High School, Wayne County; 411th International Academy East, Macomb County, MI
An Analysis of Genes Connected to Blood Platelets in Glioma Patients
B6. Anya Chinnaiyan, Nina Khaghany, Doris Nie, 10 th Grade, Detroit Country Day School, Oakland County, MI
B7. Rhea Cong, Nikhita Datar, 10th Grade, Ann Arbor Huron High School, Washtenaw County, MI
Synaptic Transmission Regulation Genes in Pilocytic Astrocytoma
B8. Maria Fields, 10th Grade, University Liggett School, Wayne County, MI
The Potential of PRKCB in the Promotion of Acetylcholine in Achieving Neuroplasticity to Increase Prognosis in Medulloblastoma
B9. Bhuvna Murthy¹, Jakar Dhillon², Erin Wycoff³, ¹11th Huron High, ²9th Bloomfield Hills High, ³11th Detroit Country Day Upper, MI
The Upregulation of IFNA family of Genes in Metastatic Tumors suggests possible Inhibition of Metastasis
3:50 pm Break
4:00 pm Workshops
4:45 pm 2017-18 GIDAS Activity Reports and Conference Awards
5:15 pm Closing


The abstract is due on April 30, with abstract submission guidelines down below. 

Abstract Submission Guidelines 

File submission: email attach the abstract in Word file to abstract at mircore.org.


Poster Guidelines:

Size: 48′ (width) X 36′ (height).

Check in with your poster and set up by 1:45 pm.

Below is a link to a couple of poster examples that have been used for previous conferences.

Poster Examples




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